“Every Woman Has a Figure Problem”

While from one point of view this is true — every woman has something she doesn’t like about her body — I still find this ad incredibly offensive. I certainly hope that there is a similar ad for a man saying something like “Every Man Has a Brain Problem” and offering the services of intelligent, competent women to make up for this lack in brain power. I’m sure women modeled for this ad and women typed this ad and women brought coffee for the men who wrote this ad. But I think it tells women a very poor message — that there is something wrong with all of us. Yes, on one hand we all have flaws and for almost everyone we have physical problems. But wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the woman how wonderful she is and that she can be even more wonderful with the aid of these Spirella corsets? Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the positive and make a woman feel better about herself first, offering the corset as a way to enhance her qualities? The corset will make her younger looking, give her better posture, increase her desirability, etc. I’m glad that for the most part advertising has become more sophisticated.


About alicewink

Amateur historian, I live in a retro 50s ranch with Saarinen and Corbusier, my two cats.
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