Freedom to Dress How She Wants

I don’t know about you but I’ve always found the corset look beautiful. A corset enhances the female form. Isn’t celebrating being female part of the feminist ideology? Yet others would disagree, perhaps the same ones who burned their bras. (Nowadays, ladies, it’s better to recycle and reuse — send that bra to the Salv-A if you don’t want to wear it!) Is a corset restraining a woman, making her so uncomfortable that she can barely think and must remain passive in order to deal with the constriction? Is the corset a symbol of women’s oppression, squishing her being into some male ideal instead of letting her body … and her soul … free to be her natural feminine self? Does a woman choosing to wear a corset submit to the dictates of men about who she should be? Is she wearing this supposedly uncomfortable garment for the sole purpose of pleasing a man?

Or could she be wearing a corset for her own personal pleasure? Perhaps under her clothing as a secret thrill? Or could she be reveling in her female power to catch a guy’s eye with her alluring female body? Wearing a corset can even mean the opposite of submission where the symbols of submission, triumphantly worn, become symbols of strength and dominance.


About alicewink

Amateur historian, I live in a retro 50s ranch with Saarinen and Corbusier, my two cats.
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