Medical results of corset wearing

Brought to you by Blush Lingerie at La Petite Coquette in NYC. Constant tight lacing of the corset was determined to cause health problems. First, as shown in the illustration, organs within the body were displaced and compressed. This led to problems such as Visceroptosis, which is when the abdominal organs sink below their natural location.  The negative side effects are heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, nervous dyspepsia, headaches, vertigo, and loss of sleep. Visceroptosis can be healed through rest, not wearing corsets, good hygiene and nutrition, and allowing the atrophied torso muscles to gain strength. Also, because corsets compress the ribcage and hence the lungs and diaphragm, fainting is not uncommon for women wearing corsets, and in the past was often used as an excuse to get out of an unpleasant situation. I can only imagine how difficult it’d be to breathe wearing a corset. I have a hard enough time breathing as it is, with all of my allergies to pollen and dust.

Nevertheless, worn responsibly and reasonably, corsets are a pleasure to wear. Having a beautiful hour-glass silhouette is pleasing to the corset-wearer as well as to many viewers. Many corset makers and aficionados recommend starting out with a larger corset size and gradually going smaller as your body adjusts itself to the constraints.

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“Every Woman Has a Figure Problem”

While from one point of view this is true — every woman has something she doesn’t like about her body — I still find this ad incredibly offensive. I certainly hope that there is a similar ad for a man saying something like “Every Man Has a Brain Problem” and offering the services of intelligent, competent women to make up for this lack in brain power. I’m sure women modeled for this ad and women typed this ad and women brought coffee for the men who wrote this ad. But I think it tells women a very poor message — that there is something wrong with all of us. Yes, on one hand we all have flaws and for almost everyone we have physical problems. But wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the woman how wonderful she is and that she can be even more wonderful with the aid of these Spirella corsets? Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on the positive and make a woman feel better about herself first, offering the corset as a way to enhance her qualities? The corset will make her younger looking, give her better posture, increase her desirability, etc. I’m glad that for the most part advertising has become more sophisticated.

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Freedom to Dress How She Wants

I don’t know about you but I’ve always found the corset look beautiful. A corset enhances the female form. Isn’t celebrating being female part of the feminist ideology? Yet others would disagree, perhaps the same ones who burned their bras. (Nowadays, ladies, it’s better to recycle and reuse — send that bra to the Salv-A if you don’t want to wear it!) Is a corset restraining a woman, making her so uncomfortable that she can barely think and must remain passive in order to deal with the constriction? Is the corset a symbol of women’s oppression, squishing her being into some male ideal instead of letting her body … and her soul … free to be her natural feminine self? Does a woman choosing to wear a corset submit to the dictates of men about who she should be? Is she wearing this supposedly uncomfortable garment for the sole purpose of pleasing a man?

Or could she be wearing a corset for her own personal pleasure? Perhaps under her clothing as a secret thrill? Or could she be reveling in her female power to catch a guy’s eye with her alluring female body? Wearing a corset can even mean the opposite of submission where the symbols of submission, triumphantly worn, become symbols of strength and dominance.

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